The 12th World Agility Open will take place from 15th – 19th May 2024.

Detailed timetables for the 2024 WAO will appear on the website after the closing date.

For more detail on the unofficial training, check in and official training, and the ceremonies, click on each item to bring up a dialogue box.

The times below are estimations only,  and will be announced finally once entries close.

Live Streaming

4 Legged Flix will be streaming LIVE starting with team practice and the Opening Ceremonies.

The Live Stream can be found here or on the YouTube page here.


The 2024 World Agility Open Championships will be held on 15th – 19th May. The official team practice will happen on Tuesday 14th all day and Wednesday 15th May in the morning. The Opening Ceremony will take place on 15th May with a Team Managers meeting held at 6pm on Tuesday 14th May.


National Hippic Centre (KNHS) in Ermelo, The Netherlands.
KNHS-centrum Ermelo
De Beek 125, 3852 PL
Postbus 3040, 3850 CA

The main ring will be indoors and Rings 1 and 2 will be outdoors.

Ermelo (Err-mee-lo) is a municipality and a town in the Netherlands, in the province of Gelderland in the Veluwe area, with a population of over 26,000.

There are many campsites in the forests surrounding Ermelo which are popular places to stay for mainly Dutch and German tourists. Cycling through the forests and heaths is a popular activity, especially during the summer. The nearby Veluwemeer allows for recreation on the water or beach. The town center is home to various bars and restaurants and a tourist information centre. Ermelo hosts various music festivals, such as the Fête de la Musique, Multipop and the International Boogie Woogie Festival.