Press Passes

To apply for a WAO press pass, you must be a member of the media who has been hired or selected for the purpose of writing about the WAO event for a magazine, newspaper, website, or online publication. Holders of a WAO press pass may take photos to appear in conjunction with their article(s); but they may not sell photos from the event.

WAO press passes are not intended to provide professional photographers with access to the rings for the purposes of selling photos. If you wish to be an official photographer for the event, you may purchase a photographer’s pass for 75 euros plus the WAO gets to select up to 10 images to use after the event for publicity purposes. The photographer’s pass will allow you into ring ceremonies, competitor areas, and the ring itself. We are offering only 4 photographer’s passes.

To apply for a press pass or a photographer’s pass for the WAO, please send an email with your press credentials or business name to