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The goal of the World Agility Open in establishing the jump height divisions listed below, was to create a height division (our 300 class) where small dogs such as Papillons, Toy Poodles, etc. could compete internationally, as well as to create a Midi/Medium division (our 400 class) that was truly for medium-sized breeds. The 500 and 600 divisions split the larger dogs into two jump heights so that dogs are competing against dogs of a more similar height.

Jump Height NameDog Height at WithersJump HeightA-Frame HeightAscending Spread LengthLong Jump LengthTyre Height at Centre
300320mm & under (12.60″)300mm (11.81″)1.7m (5′ 7″)260-280mm (10.24-11.02″)600mm (23.62″) 2 boards450mm (17.71″)
400410mm & under (16.14″)400mm (15.75″)1.7m (5′ 7″)350-370mm (13.78-14.57″)800mm (31.49″) 3 boards550mm (21.65″)
500500mm & under (19.69″)500mm (19.69″)1.7m (5′ 7″)440-460mm (17.33-18.11″)1000mm (39.37″) 4 boards650mm (25.59″)
600Over 500mm (19.69″)600mm (23.62″)1.7m (5′ 7″)530-550mm (20.86-21.65″)1200mm (47.24″) 5 boards750mm (29.53″)
For the complete WAO rules and equipment specifications, please go to the Rule Book page.