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Each country is responsible for selection of its own team. The selection process is coordinated by a “country manager.” The manager may be an agility organisation in that country, a committee, or an individual. Each potential team manager must submit a resume to the WAO organising committee for approval.

The country manager is responsible for writing a selection guidelines document that explains how people in the country can become members of the team. Each country’s team selection process must be non-discriminatory with regard to both handlers and dogs, and must be approved by WAO to meet this requirement. In addition, a country’s team selection process must allow for at least 1 (one) dog from each height to win its way onto the team, and to run in the Agility Biathlon and the Individual Agility Pentathlon. This must be stated in each country’s selection rules.

Other positions on the country’s team may be filled at the discretion of the country’s manager.

If a country is unable to travel with their own dogs due to the laws of the host country or excessive travel times and expense, substitute dogs may be provided by the host country. A country must make a request in writing to the WAO organising committee. Requests will be evaluated by the WAO committee on a case-by-case basis.

  • If you are interested in being a team manager for your country, please email info@worldagilityopen.com for more information.
  • If you are interested in becoming a member of your country’s team, please scroll down to find out who to contact in your country.
  • If a manager is not listed for your country and you are interested in the position, please email info@worldagilityopen.com for more information.
  • If you are interested in becoming a member of your country’s team, please contact the person listed.
Country Team Organiser Organiser Email Selection Guidelines
Argentina Jorge Esteban Ramos Salinas wao.agilityargentina@gmail.com Click here
Australia Gordon Thiry waoaustralia@internode.on.net Click here
Austria Petra Reichetzer petra@footprintevents.at Click here
Belgium Bart De Decker bart.de.decker@telenet.be Click here
Brazil Dan Wroblewski dwagility@gmail.com Click here
Bulgaria Smilena Shepherd waoteambulgaria@gmail.com Click here
Canada Paula Collins paula.collins@shaw.ca Click here
China Jimmy Chen cdpet@163.com Click here
Denmark Julie Tambjerg j.tambjerg@gmail.com Click here
England Becky Dixon waoengland@gmail.com Click here
Finland Jessi Landen wao.finland@gmail.com Click here
France Nicolas Michel waoteamfrance@gmail.com Click here
Germany Anna Hinze waogermany@gmail.com Selection completed
Hungary Zsofi Biro wao@agility.hu Click here
Italy Massimo Perla info@csencinofilia.it Click here
Japan Hisato Tanabe japanwao@gmail.com Click here
Jersey Louise Eden edenagility@yahoo.co.uk Click here
Malaysia Choong Han Ni hnchoong@gmail.com Click here
Mexico Beatriz Fernández wao-mexico@hotmail.com Click here
Netherlands Wendy Willemse willemse.wendy@gmail.com Click here
New Zealand Matilda van Rijnberk tvanrijnberk@gmail.com Click here
Northern Ireland
David Duncan david@cooperhill.net Click here
Norway Ingerid Klaveness waonorway@gmail.com Click here
Poland Ola Kordas aleksandrakordas@gmail.com Click here
Portugal Jorge Pires portugueseteam@yahoo.com Click here
Republic of Ireland
John Bowe johnbowe@live.ie Click here
Republic of San Marino
Gian Luca Terenzi glterenzi@alice.sm Click here
Romania Plamen Kirow agility@wildspeedangels.com Click here
Russia Elena Dmitrochenko e.dmitrochenko@gmail.com Click here
Scotland Alan Short Alan Short a14nsh@yahoo.com Selection completed
Singapore Michelle Chan singaporeuki@gmail.com Click here
Slovenia Silvia Trkman wao.slovenia@gmail.com Click here
South Korea David Ko koreawao@gmail.com Click here
Spain Anabel Arribas Moreno  AgilitySpainWAO@gmail.com Click here
Sweden Feliciaa Fagerstrom feliciaafagerstrom@gmail.com Click here
Switzerland Bettina Stemmler info@scotties.ch Click here
Thailand Nada Sibunruang puppojang@gmail.com Click here
Uruguay Gerardo Peleo Gomez wao.uruguay@gmail.com Click here
USA Ivette White waoteamusa2019@gmail.com Click here
Venezuela Silvia Lopez Valcarcel silvilla83@hotmail.com Click here
Wales Chris Kerton teamwalesagility@gmail.com Click here