We wouldn’t be able to provide such an impressive international dog agility competition without the continued support of our sponsors:


Natural Pet Care System – producer of Burgimmune

Our founding members include Dr. Antal Bölcskei Molnár and Dr. Zoltán Farkas small animal veterinary clinical specialists having decades-long experience and hospital background, who have provided the professional technical background for the development and testing of NPCS product scale. You will even have a chance to meet and consult them at WAO on Saturday, with public Vet Q&A session at 11:00AM, 3:00PM and 6:00 PM.

We are continuously expanding our product offer, and we still adhere to our basic principle, i.e. that we create only fully wholesome veterinary medicinal products made from natural and strictly controlled starting materials of plant origin.

💪🐕‍🦺☄️ Health, stamina, active life, vitality, focus – with Burgimmune Premium Immunoenhancer 🌺💚 🐾

👑 Taking Burgimmune does not only help 🏥 preventing and fighting diseases!

 🦮 The best choice for animals in reproduction programmes, for active sport show pets and working dogs! 😻

🐾It prepares the organism for the increased mental, physical challenges and stress.

🧠Supports concentration.

🏥 Supports regeneration in case of injuries, diseases or operation.

💪Enforces the immune system.

🚀Maximizes stamina, focus and freshness/vitality.

🌿Made of exclusively natural ingredients, so it does not qualify as a doping agent and it has no counterindications with other medicine or products.🌿

✅ Antitumor.

😍 Antiallergic.

💃 has a positive effect on the health of the skin/coat.

🎠For puppies to build their immune system on a strong basis.

🍼 During pregnancy and lactation.

🐾For older pets, to boost their immunity.

🐶Veterinary product of medicinal effect for cats and dogs.🐱

🛒Order online through the WAO link, and get 10% discount of your first purchase using the WAO2023 code:

👉 https://wao.naturalpetcaresystem.com

📢 Join the mission 💰 offering discounts and 🐾 helping animal welfare organizations, while supporting the wellbeing of your own pet!

👉 Read experiences from around the world – you will recognize quite some names from Global Agility: https://www.facebook.com/groups/naturalpetcaresysteminternational

We are helping naturally… 🍃

If you would like your products, services, and brand associated with this prestigious, international agility event, please contact us for a Sponsor Information Pack.