2019 World Agility Open

The 2019 World Agility Open was held on the 17th – 19th May in Ermelo, Netherlands at the National Hippic Centre (KNHS). The judges were Bill Pinder (USA), Ivan Amez (ESP) and Sally Jones (ENG).

2019 Champions

Team World Champions

Gold: Germany, Silver: France, Bronze: Spain

Games Champions

Gold: Stacey Irwin-Burns and Sam, Silver: Andy Mueller and Tush, Bronze: Hayley Tindall and Fifi

Gold: Marita Davies and Harvey, Silver: Ole Kristoffer R.B. Saglokken and Evo, Bronze: Kim Stam and Winnie

Gold: Jennifer Hart and Giggle, Silver: Brenda Kelly and Deja Vu, Bronze: Tiffany Salmon and Chill

Gold: Perry Dewitt and Verb, Silver: Theresa Berndt and Keep, Bronze: Anastasia Egorova and Yo-Yo

Biathlon World Champions

Gold: Lena Westermann and Bambam, Silver: Gabriella Hennings and Otto, Bronze: Sina Just and Kiss

Gold: Malin Tangfelt and Hippi, Silver: Maud Delmar and Oligane, Bronze: Cristina Hurtado and Thai

Gold: Channon Fosty and Kirk, Silver: Malin Elfstrom and Zoey, Bronze: Wendy Alexander and Crush

Gold: Nicola Giraudi and Eira, Silver: Euan Patterson and Crazee, Bronze: Anna Hinze and May

Pentathlon World Champions

Gold: Marissa Figee and Zenzi, Silver: Sarah McLean and Milo, Bronze: Maxime Parraud and Magique Dune Ka

Gold: Nicola Garrett and Z, Silver: James Davies and Tommy, Bronze: Marissa Figee and Rimbi

Gold: Iban Cubedo and Selene, Silver: Anastasia Egorova and Chase, Bronze: Nicola Giraudi and Wiki

Gold: Nicola Giraudi and Eira, Silver: Synthia Perrier and Heross, Bronze: Sergio Sousa and Cat