2018 World Agility Open

The 2018 World Agility Open was held on the 18th – 20th May in Ermelo, Netherlands at the National Hippic Centre (KNHS).

2018 Champions

Team World Champions

Gold: Italy, Silver: Sweden, Bronze: USA

Games Champions

Gold: Paolo Bezzi and Maple, Silver: Sina Just and Kiss, Bronze: Stacey Irwin-Burns and Sam

Gold: Ole Kristoffer R.B. Saglokken and Evo, Silver: Jennifer Crank and Swift, Bronze: Cheyenne Bokma and Jay

Gold: Berit Kittel and Nupsi, Silver: Jennifer Crank and P!nk, Bronze: Pau Serrano Ciratusa and Super

Gold: Perry Dewitt and Verb, Silver: Dan Shaw and Geek, Bronze: Janita Leinonen and Fu

Biathlon World Champions

Gold: Gabriella Hennings and Otto, Silver: Carmen Briceno De La Rosa and Narnia, Bronze: Giacomo Marconi and Nala

Gold: Gemma Haycock and Ruby, Silver: Cedric Bargoin and Idwall Sith Le Noir, Bronze: Anneleen Holluyn and Ippy

Gold: Jouni Orenius and Neela, Silver: Steven Richardson and Digit, Bronze: Fabio Natalizi and Ira

Gold: Nicola Giraudi and Eira, Silver: Synthia Perrier and Heross, Bronze: Tawni Burknap and Jolt

Pentathlon World Champions

Gold: Lena Westermann and Bambam, Silver: Marissa Figee and Zenzi, Bronze: Gabrielle Hennings and Otto

Gold: Joost Van Der Wekken and Dolfje, Silver: Jesus Fernandez Crespo and Mokka, Bronze: Luciano Ganz and Eva Gold

Gold: Nicola Giraudi and Wiki, Silver: David Cozar and Kala, Bronze: Roma Hervida and Surprise

Gold: Dave Munnings and Fame, Silver: Anthony Clarke and Protest, Bronze: Alan Short and Bruce