2016 World Agility Open

The 2016 World Agility Open was held on 13-15 May, 2016 in Addington, England at the Addington Manor Equestrian Centre. Two hundred fifty-one dogs from 25 different countries competed under judges Jorge Pires of Portugal, Anthony Clarke of England, and Patty Drom of the USA. Marquand Cheek of the USA was the Supervising Judge.

2016 Champions

Podium photos by Yulia Titovets, www.fourlittlepaws.com

Team World Champions

Gold: USA, Silver: Italy, Bronze: Sweden

Games Champions

Gold: Gill Lantz & Jörgen (Sweden); Silver: Rebecka Hansson & Svea (Sweden); Bronze: Tracy Ryan & Tink (England)

Gold: Kayl McCann & Funkee Monkee (Canada); Silver: Maria Ljungdahl & Elite (Sweden); Bronze: Vera Räsänen & Milli (Finland)

Gold: Dan Shaw & Cody (England); Silver: Kayl McCann & Grand Slam (Canada); Bronze: Susie Josty & Oz (Wales)

Gold: Andre Landry & Crash (Canada); Silver: Natalie Mitchell & Teek (Wildcard); Bronze: Nicola Giraudi & Eira (Italy)

Biathlon World Champions

Gold: Veronique Toniolo & Swat (Italy); Silver: Rebecka Hansson & Svea (Sweden); Bronze: Laura Ölander & Yaya (Finland)

Gold: Barbara Villano & Golia (Italy); Silver: Maria Ljungdahl & Talang (Sweden); Bronze: Claudine Moutte & Gitika (France)

Gold: Jouni Orenius & Neela (Wildcard); Silver: Cristiana Alisonno & Kendra (Wildcard); Bronze: Donata Ghiringhelli & Bia (Switzerland)

Gold: Natalie Mitchell & Teek (Wildcard); Silver: Euan Paterson & Sweep (Scotland); Bronze: Jose Luis Garcia Alvarez & Tirillas (Spain)

Pentathlon World Champions

Gold: Lucy Osborne & Fling (England); Silver: Barbara Rosso & Aisha (Italy); Bronze:Lillian Rose & Cindy (Denmark)

Gold: Abigail Beasley Dreamer (USA); Silver: Rosie Cavill & Dare (Wales); Bronze:Marc Rabada & Zeus (Spain)

Gold: Jouni Orenius & Neela (Wildcard); Silver: Niina-Liina Linna & Pulmu (Finland); Bronze: Tracy Hirsch & Silver (USA)

Gold: Euan Paterson & Sweep (Scotland); Silver: Lee Gibson & Sadie (England); Bronze: Shaun Hunt & Phix (England)

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