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2015 World Agility Open

The 2015 World Agility Open was held on 15-17 May, 2015 in Ermelo, Netherlands at the National Hippic Centre (KNHS). Nearly 400 dogs from 36 different countries competed under judges Peter Borsje of Netherlands, Martin Cavill of Wales, and Bart De Decker of Belgium. Marquand Cheek of the USA was the Supervising Judge.

2015 Champions

Podium photos by Pieter Bezuijen, www.ThanQ.eu.

Team World Champions

Gold: Spain; Silver: USA; Bronze: Sweden

Games Champions

Gold: Andy Mueller & Crackers (USA); Silver: Ekaterina Sapriko & Alisia (Russia); Bronze: Marissa Figee & Zenzi (Netherlands)

Gold: Luciano Ganz & Eva Gold (Italy); Silver: Silvia Trkman & Le (Slovenia); Bronze: Andrea Cacciatori & Koizi (Italy)

Gold: Rebecca McKay & Shine (Canada); Silver: Patrizia Bollati & Ida (Italy); Bronze: Alena Menshenina & Energy (Russia)

Gold: Elicia Calhoun & Tobie (USA); Silver: Andre Landry & Crash (Canada); Bronze: Justine Davenport & Summit (Wildcard)

Biathlon World Champions

Gold: Andy Mueller & Crackers (USA); Silver: Dee Anna Gamel & Kiz (USA); Bronze: Ekaterina Sapriko & Alisia (Russia)

Gold: Kayl McCann & Funkee Monkee (Canada); Silver: Jen Pinder & Britain (USA); Bronze: Luciano Ganz & Eva Gold (Italy)

Gold: Silvia Trkman & To (Slovenia); Silver: Anne Lenz & Chi (Germany); Bronze: Annie Pyle & Brite (USA)

Gold: Jessica Patterson & Trix (Canada); Silver: Antonio Molina Aragones & Lee (Spain); Bronze: Anna Hinze & May (Germany)

Pentathlon World Champions

Gold: Kristijan Koprivnik & Seven (Slovenia); Silver: Nina Restrup Strand & Rock (Norway); Bronze: David Ferrer & Sira (Wildcard)

Gold: Kayl McCann & Funkee Monkee (Canada); Silver: Steven Richardson & Libby (England); Bronze: Marzia Quinzio & Nell (Italy)

Gold: Jouni Orenius & Neela (Sweden); Silver: Jo Tristram & Bitz (England); Bronze: Anne Lenz & Chi (Germany)

Gold: Jessica Patterson & Trix (Canada); Silver: Shaun Hunt & Phix (England); Bronze: Alena Menshenina & Masik (Russia)