2014 World Agility Open

The 2014 World Agility Open was held on 16-18 May, 2014 in Lignano, Italy at Ge. Tur. Village. Nearly 400 competitors from 32 different countries traveled to the event to compete under judges Ermanno D’Avino of Italy, Peggy Hammond of the USA, and Nils Lindquist of Sweden. Bob Griffin of England was the Administrative Judge and Marquand Cheek of the USA was the Supervising Judge.

2014 Champions

Photos courtesy Ian Watts Photography. If you need podium photos for your publication or website, please contact info@worldagilityopen.com.

Team World Champions

Gold: USA; Silver: England; Bronze: Slovenia

Games Champions

Gold: Evgenia Grishina & Belka (Russia); Silver: Andy Mueller & Crackers (USA); Bronze: Tina Karlsson & Jax (Sweden)

Gold: Svetlana Kondrashova & Dily (Russia); Silver: Silvia Trkman & Le (Slovenia); Bronze: Veronique Toniolo & Harry (Italy)

Gold: Yuuki Araki & Pisco (Japan); Silver: Elena Krasnopevtseva & Rina (Russia); Bronze: Karen Marriott & Puzzle (England)

Gold: Evgenia Grishina & Alta (Russia); Silver: Luis Sousa & Toffy (Portugal); Bronze: Lori Michaels & Solei (USA)

Biathlon World Champions

Gold: Nicole Manes & Brahma (Argentina); Silver: Evgenia Grishina & Belka (Russia); Bronze: Julie Tambjerg & Toonie (Denmark)

Gold: Jenna Caloander & Neon (Finland); Silver: Gill Lantz & Johanna (Sweden); Bronze: Aleksander Andre & Niki (Estonia)

Gold: Karen Marriott & Puzzle (England); Silver: Manca Mikec & Lin (Slovenia); Bronze: Bonny Quick & Ivy (Scotland)

Gold: Iban Cubedo Alcazar & Aslan (Wildcard); Silver: Susan Garrett & Feature (Canada); Bronze: Shaun Hunt & Phix (England)

Pentathlon World Champions

Gold: Evgenia Grishina & Belka (Russia); Silver: David Ferrer & Sira (Spain); Bronze: Svetlana Tumanova & Tommy (Russia)

Gold: Nicola Giraudi & Lupin (Italy); Silver: Jenna Caloander & Neon (Finland); Bronze: Kayl McCann & Funkee Monkee (Canada)

Gold: Marusa Podjed & Kaili (Slovenia); Silver: Jessica Clarehugh & Cara (England); Bronze: Stefano Franceschi & Polly (Italy)

Gold: Gervasio Sicignano & Winky (Italy); Silver: Luis Sousa & Toffy (Portugal); Bronze: Susan Garrett & Feature (Canada)