2013 World Agility Open

The 2013 World Agility Open was held on 17-19 May, 2013 in Oviedo Spain at the El Asturcon Equestrian Center. Over 300 competitors from 26 different countries traveled to the event to compete under judges Bob Griffin of England, Marquand Cheek of the USA, Emiel Vervoort of Belgium, and Anabel Arribas of Spain.

2013 Champions

Photos courtesy of Lynne Brubaker Photography. If you need podium photos for your publication or website, please contact info@worldagilityopen.com.

Games Champions

Gold: Andy Mueller & Crackers United States; Silver: Mike Padgett & Kona, United States; Bronze: Masanori Arai & Aska, Japan

Gold:Kayl Mccann & Funkee Monkee, Canada; Silver: Nicola Giraudi & Twister Italy; Bronze: Rosie Cavill & Spice, Wales

Gold: Kayl Mccann & Slyce, Canada; Silver: Karen Marriott & Puzzle England; Bronze: Kim Cullen & Recess, Canada

Gold: Susan Garrett & Feature, Canada; Silver: Bridgitte Wyre & Della, England; Bronze: Luis Sousa & Toffy, Portugal

Biathlon World Champions

Gold: Andy Mueller & Crackers, United States; Silver: Mike Padgett & Kona, United States; Bronze: Sandra Rogers & Quill, United States

Gold: Kayl McCann & Funkee Monkee, Canada; Silver: Nicola Giraudi & Twister, Italy; Bronze: Luis Luque Rodriguez & Melendi, Spain

Gold: Teri O’Neill & Tylt, Canada; Silver: Juha Orenius & Gaia, Finland; Bronze: Karen Marriott & Puzzle, England

Gold: Shaun Hunt & Phix, England; Silver: Lori Michaels & Solei, United States; Bronze: Antonio Molina Aragones & Lee, Spain

Pentathlon World Champions

Gold: Mike Padgett & Kona, United States; Silver: Ivan Pardo & Nuca, Spain; Bronze: Andrea Cacciatori & Saphira, Italy

Gold: Kayl Mccann & Funkee Monkee, Canada; Silver: Graham Logen & Skittles, United States; Bronze: Nicola Giraudi & Lupin, Italy

Gold:Antonio Molina Aragones & Angie, Spain; Silver: Leslie Osborne & Fizz, England; Bronze: Jo Tristram & Bitz, England

Gold: Lori Michaels & Solei, United States; Silver: Shaun Hunt & Phix, England; Bronze: Susan Garrett & Feature, Canada