2012 World Agility Open

The 2012 World Agility Open was held on 18-20 May, 2012 in Belgium at the Equestrian Centre De Warre. Over 300 competitors from 20 different countries traveled to the event to compete under judges Lee Gibson of England, Scott Chamberlain of the USA, and Thomas Ammitzbøll of Denmark.

2012 Champions

Photos courtesy of Lynne Brubaker Photography. If you need podium photos for your publication or website, please contact info@worldagilityopen.com.

Games Champions

Gold: Marilyn Adams & Tia, England; Silver: Caterina D’Amato & Peggy, Wildcard; Bronze: Davide Santilli & Minnie, Italy

Gold: Nicola Giraudi & Twister, Italy; Silver: Henk Postma & Dolly, Netherlands; Bronze:Mark Douglas & Blossom, Wales

Gold: Donna Kerse & Ace, Scotland; Silver: Laura Innes & Kaydn, Scotland; Bronze: Karen Marriott & Puzzle, England

Gold: Lori Michaels & Solei, USA; Silver: David Alderson & Rocky, Wildcard; Bronze: Terry Smorch & Presto, USA

Biathlon World Champions

Gold: Andy Mueller & Crackers, United States; Silver: Mike Padgett & Kona, United States; Bronze: Sandra Rogers & Quill, United States

Gold: Kayl McCann & Funkee Monkee, Canada; Silver: Nicola Giraudi & Twister, Italy; Bronze: Luis Luque Rodriguez & Melendi, Spain

Gold: Mary Ellen Barry & Maizy, USA; Silver: Martin Reid & Flash, England; Bronze: Jo Tristram & Bitz, England

Gold: Wendy Tunders & Tunwill’s Aydisa, Wildcard; Silver: Niina-Liina Linna & Rhett, Finland; Bronze: Lori Michaels & Solei, USA

Pentathlon World Champions

Gold: Dave Russell & Caeyn, England; Silver: Sandra Rogers & Quill, USA; Bronze:Ivana Sipalova & Nyo, Italy

Gold: Nicola Giraudi & Twister, Italy; Silver: Rosie Cavill & Spice, Wales; Bronze: Julio Freire Nogueira & Peka, Spain

Gold: Jo Tristram & Bitz, England; Silver: Kayl McCann & Slyce, Canada; Bronze:Nigel Staines & Zico, Podium

Gold: Daisy Peel & Solar, USA; Silver: Terry Smorch & Presto, USA; Bronze: Luis Sousa & Toffy, Portugal