2011 World Agility Open

The World Agility Open held its inaugural event on May 13-15, 2011 in the United Kingdom at the Hand Equestrian Centre. Over 200 competitors from 18 different countries traveled to the event to compete under judges Andy Hudson of England, Dave Grubel of the USA, and Mia Laamanen of Finland.

2011 Champions

These photos may be used for articles about the event as long as proper credit is given to the photographer: Watts Photography.

Games Champions

Gold: Minako Tokuda & Win, Japan; Silver: Ivette White & Zip, United States; Bronze: Tracy Bennett & Cody, Wales

Gold: Jessica Martin & Dice, Wildcard; Silver: Jennifer Crank & Blaster, United States; Bronze: Bernadette Bay & Zen, England

Gold: Jeannette Hutchison & Rumble, United States; Silver: Leslie Osborne & Fizz, England; Bronze: Kim Cullen & Recess, Canada

Gold: Dave Leach & Rusty, England; Silver: Laura Chudleigh & Rodney, Wildcard; Bronze: Lee Windeatt & Bold, Wildcard

Biathlon World Champions

Gold: Daneen Fox & Masher, United States; Silver: Anneli Hilton & Slice, Canada; Bronze: Derek Osborne & Gizmo, Wales

Gold: Jennifer Crank & Blaster, United States; Silver: Nobuko Akiike & Kool, Japan; Bronze: Tricia Elms & Jazz, Scotland

Gold: Rosanne Demascio & Drifter, United States; Silver: Mark Douglas & Ruby, Wales; Bronze: Deb Rhodes & Britt, Canada

Gold: Franky De Witte & Uboro, Belgium; Silver: Ian Jackson & Bobbie, England; Bronze: Ian Balchin & Bess, Wildcard

Pentathlon World Champions

Gold: Anneli Hilton & Slice, Canada; Silver: Marilyn Adams & Tia, England; Bronze: Heather McLean & Bud, Scotland

Gold: Karen Holik & Sizzle, United States; Silver: Tricia Elms & Jazz, Scotland; Bronze: Mimi Shimono & Marie, Japan

Gold: Mark Douglas & Ruby, Wales; Silver: Dudley Fontaine & Sweet, United States; Bronze: Nigel Staines & Zico, England

Gold: Dave Leach & Rusty, England; Silver: Niina-Liina Linna & Rhett, Finland; Bronze: Linda Mecklenburg & Wonder, United States

Team World Champions

Gold: England; Silver: United States; Bronze: Scotland

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