Marq Cheek (USA), Supervising Judge

Once again I am bestowed with the honor of being named the Supervising Judge at the World Agility Open championships. My role is to support the event with preparation of guidelines for the competition judges and to assist them with interpreting and implementing rules and regulations. Our WAO objectives are to present a positive and safe competition with fairness and consistency in judging. We have another great judging panel certain to bring to fantastic courses with challenges to reward brilliance in dog agility.

I offer my sincere congratulations to all of you who have developed a unique bond with your agility partner. You have a special opportunity to represent your country in this highly regarded international contest. Your dedication and success inspires all of us in our favored sport. This is a moment for you and your dog for joy and pride. May you have fast and clean runs on course!

As a bit of background I can tell you my wife and I discovered agility in the mid-90s and have been addicted ever since. Our dogs have earned championship titles and placements in major USA competitions. Judging assignments since 1996 and have taken me all over the United States, Japan, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, and England. I just turned 60 years of age, but still feel young and agile. We own and operate an agility training center in California. .

It is a pleasure to be assisting a very talented judging panel. I extend my sincere thanks to them and to all the hard-working volunteers and coordinators that make WAO such an outstanding event. May the course be with you in training and competing for WAO 2017 in the Netherlands. .

John McEwan (Scotland)

I retired a couple of years ago and am enjoying spending more time with my dogs. I was a lecturer in animal care for over 40 years at our local college and it was in 1999 that the lecturer who was teaching dog training asked if he could borrow my one year old collie to assist the students in their basic program and also introduce them to a bit of agility. The dog took to the agility very easily and I was encouraged to join Kingdom of Fife Dog Agility Club.

I started competing in agility in January 2000, and since then I have had four agility dogs, who have all competed at KC Championship level achieving 2 cc’s and 7 reserves. We competed in the Great Britain home international series back in the noughties and I had Scottish agility dog of the year twice and reserve 3 times.

My judging career started in 2001 and I judged my first championship in 2008 and have done so every year since. I have judged the Highland Agility Stakes final, Scottish and Irish Agility Dog of the Year finals, and the Scottish team WAO trials four times. I have also judged at the KC International Festival three times and on the last occasion I judged the British Open Jumping qualifier and the Crufts Junior qualifier. I have judged quite a few Crufts and Olympia qualifiers at Small, Medium and Large, including teams.

I really enjoy judging all levels and take great pleasure in seeing dogs and handlers finishing a course with smiles on their faces.

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Giuseppe Pinchetti (Italy)

My friends call me Beppe. I live in Olginate, a little village in Lecco on beautiful Lake Como. I live there with my wife Cinzia, my son Jacopo, my daughter Beatrice, two border collies, Luna and Queen, and Cooper, a Shetland sheep dog. I work in a firm that deals with electronic equipment.

I started doing dog agility in 1998 with my labrador Tobia. I soon became very keen on this wonderful sport so I decided to take on another dog, Luna. With Luna, I took part in EO 2008 in Gelsenkirchen. My daughter Beatrice, who is now 14, started to do dog agility, too. When she was 9 she took part in her first EO and at the age of 11 she competed with Luna in the WAO in Oviedo, Spain. Since then she has taken part in 4 European Juniors and the family has grown bigger with Cooper and Queen.

I have been judging CSEN competitions (selection trials for WAO) with WAO rules for 4 years. I judged the finals in 2015. This year I am judging the “Mundialito” AIA-CSEN for the fourth time, the Ticino trophy for the second time, as well as many other events.

I love judging and being on the course with the competitors to admire the athletic feats of the handlers and their dogs. I always try to improve by challenging myself and I often enjoy comparing my experiences with my fellow judge colleagues and friends.

And now, I am so excited to have been invited to judge WAO 2017! I hope I will be able to enhance the experience of your dogs with my courses and contribute to an overall successful and enjoyable experience. It will be an honor to judge so many champions in such an important event.

I wish you all good luck!

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Terry Smorch (USA)

First of all, good luck to all the WAO competitors! I know it takes a huge commitment to compete at this level and it will be a pleasure to watch you run my courses.

I’m from Lake Elmo, Minnesota, USA, and I’ve been active in dog agility since 1993 and a judge since 1998. I work for 3M Healthcare bringing new medical products to market, and also use my chemical engineering skills to homebrew beer.

I first started competing in dog agility with Keeshonden Ramsey and Pixie, earning championship titles and multiple placements in national events. Remy was my first Border Collie and together we earned 10 national championships and competed at the FCI Agility World Championships in 2003 which was my first international agility experience and was tremendously exciting. Having gotten the international agility bug, Border Collie Presto and I competed at multiple WAO, FCI, and IFCS international events earning multiple podium placements. Border Collies Sirrah and Burst are my youngsters.

I started judging to get more involved in the sport I love and I hope to offer fast and fun courses with appropriate challenges to the teams competing. I was lucky enough be on the judging panel for the 2015 US and Canadian UKI Opens and expect to have as much fun judging at the 2017 WAO competition.

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